About us / Quién Somos?

Bienvenida a Learning Spanish Fast. In our first ever blog post, we shall be telling you about the site and who we are. And maybe the subject of our first audio podcast too! Que disfruten!

Sunset, Montserrate, Bogota. By Mitch Weisburg. Available     here

Sunset, Montserrate, Bogota. By Mitch Weisburg. Available here

What do we do?

We’re a site that creates a variety of exclusive content that will excel you to Spanish fluency! We create audio podcasts as part of Learning Spanish Fast, as well as fascinating Spanish guides. By listening to our 19-minute audio podcasts, we think you will become an expert in Spanish faster!


Who are we?

Two friends who met in Colombia in 2013.

Dennis Paola es de Bogotá, es decir..¡es rola!, pero en su sangre lleva una mezcla interesante de varias regiones de Colombia. Actualmente, es docente investigadora, es una profe apasionada por los temas culturales y de lenguaje, ha trabajado con prestigiosas instituciones, y ha compartido con estudiantes de todo el mundo. Le gusta nutrirse de nuevas vivencias con gente de diferente procedencia, diferentes ideas, creencias, y generar espacios para el intercambio de saberes. Cree en la importancia de la diversidad, y está aquí para crear con ustedes una  experiencia interesante, en la que no solo se aprenda más de la lengua, sino con ella y a través de ella se comprenda más de todo aquello que encierra pertenecer a esta parte del planeta: costumbres, tradiciones, pensamientos, ritos, historia... Cultura. 

Cristian is from the UK. He started to learn Spanish when he studied his degree for 10 months in Madrid, Spain. Since then, he has made two extensive trips to Latin America, including spending five months working in Paraguay. He tries to keep up with his Spanish through reading articles online, language exchanges, and books. However, at the time of writing he has not lived in a Spanish-speaking country for about 18 months - meaning that his Spanish is probably not as good as it used to be. Hopefully this means that you can learn from his mistakes in our audio!


Why did we start the site?

Well, we’re a team who love learning and are passionate about languages and helping people improve their language abilities. After all, with a language you can truly experience, travel or work in another country, which is such an enriching experience. And with Spanish you can speak to over 400 million people. With that in mind, here are our objectives:

1.     Help intermediate and advanced learners expand their vocabulary. In particular, to improve their knowledge of Spanish words that people actually use, rather than just the formal words you learn in textbooks

2.     Allow Spanish learners to improve their ability to listen

3.     Support you on your way to becoming an expert in Spanish grammar

4.     Develop your knowledge of the culture of the Spanish-speaking world – after all, to really know a language you have to know the culture that made it

5.     Create a community of Spanish learners who can help solve problems. Why not post a comment on our Facebook page here right now?


Our longer-term aims:

1.     Produce a detailed Spanish course that allows advanced learners to master Spanish and really understand the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries

2.     Create a course that allows all levels of Spanish learners to improve their Spanish - from beginners to advanced learners



In a few days we shall tell you a bit more about us. And next week our first audio podcast about Navidad (Christmas!) will be released! We hope that you’re excited…


Cristian y Paola